Why should you declare your medical conditions?

What is a medical condition and why should I tell my travel insurance company about it?

The simple answer is that if you have an existing or previous medical condition, your travel insurer may not pay your claim in the event of a medical emergency, or if you cancel your trip due to ill health.

Check the policy wording of your travel insurer, most will say that they will not pay claims if they are as a result of an existing medical condition. The difficulty is, that these exclusions are normally deep within the policy terms and conditions and may be difficult to find.

Many travel insurers will define a person with a pre-existing medical condition as someone who has “suffered from or received any form of medical advice or treatment or medication at any time in the past”. With such a broad definition it’s important that customers understand the consequences.

For example, whilst a customer may not have had a heart attack previously, a medical history and medication for high blood pressure, would be classed by travel insurers as a pre-existing condition and are ultimately connected.

At Fit 2 Trip we want to make sure that customers understand what they are covered for and give them the peace of mind that even if they do have an existing medical condition such as heart disease, diabetes or cancer that they may still be able to protect themselves and their family on their travels.

By not declaring your medical conditions, or buying a travel insurance policy that completely excludes customers with pre-existing medical conditions, you run the risk of any claim connected with your health being declined.