Pre-existing Medical Conditions

People travel and will never stop travelling. Discovering new places, uses and customs different from ours, opens the mind.

But you have to face a trip with an awareness of its limitations, especially for travellers who depart with health problems.

For this reason, it was essential for me to select companies that offered travel insurance to cover previous and pre-existing illnesses.

Not everyone knows that most companies exclude pre-existing or chronic conditions from coverage.

For example, if a person has a heart disease (e.g. they have a preexisting condition), they could suffer heart disease during vacations. Not all companies cover this type of pre-existing condition. The same is valid, for example, for those who suffer from high blood pressure. If, unfortunately, during your trip your health is getting worse due to hypertension, most companies do not assume medical assistance on their own with unimaginable consequences both emotionally and financially. An example would be the costs of private healthcare in some states such as the US, Canada and the need to use only private facilities in most less developed countries.

Fit 2 Trip's goal is to offer travel insurance to as many people as possible, regardless of their medical circumstances. Travellers from Spain (Spanish residents and expats residing in Spain) with pre-existing conditions can travel feeling protected with Fit 2 Trip.

These are some of the pre-existing conditions that you need to declare when buying Fit 2 Trip * travel insurance: Cardiovascular, Oncological, Otorhinolaryngological, Ophthalmological, Immunodeficiency, Post-transplant, Neurological, Osteoarticular, Psychiatric, Digestive, Urinary diseases, Respiratory system diseases , Endocrine diseases, chromosomal or genetic diseases, surgeries performed up to three years before acquiring the policy, minor operations such as removal of the tonsils, suffering from cardiovascular disease in adolescence and others not specified here.

When buying a policy, you choose the level of coverage: basic, standard or premium, depending on your needs, you can choose between single trip and multiple trips and the type of coverage you want: medical only or multi-risk with the option to add business , sports and activities, winter sports and golf coverage. Policies are available for individual travellers, couples, families and groups.

*Note: All travellers must declare any pre-existing medical condition when purchasing the policy, otherwise the insurance company is not required to cover claims related to the medical condition (if undeclared).

* Read the General Conditions