Medical Expenses Only

To enjoy a peaceful vacation abroad, especially in some countries, you need travel insurance that covers emergency medical expenses.

When you are travelling, especially in countries where medical treatment is not free, being able to count on reliable  travel medical insurance gives you the peace of mind to enjoy your vacations .

However, taking out travel medical insurance, which is always highly recommended, is still a personal choice. However,it is necessary to carefully assess the risks of not taking insurance, especially depending on your destination.

While in some countries the health system guarantees free medical assistance, in others it is always paid by the patient.The most well-known case is that of the United States, where even the smallest medical examinations can cost many dollars. However the US is not the only destination with very high  health costs: China, Canada, Japan, Thailand and Turkey, also have similarly high health costs and it is not recommended to travel to these countries without travel medical insurance.

In addition, many countries require travellers to have travel medical insurance that covers medical expenses and the possible repatriation of the patient, as a condition of granting an entry visa. Among these, just to mention a few: Cuba, Thailand, Algeria .

From the point of view of insurance, when it comes to travel, the term medical insurance is inappropriate, because there is no guarantee with that name, but a set of benefits and reimbursements related to illnesses, accidents and expenses incurred in this context. Without forgetting medical and health care, perhaps the most important aspect when you are away from home.

So, what are the benefits that a travel medical policy should include?

1) Emergency  Medical Expenses guarantee, in case of illness or accident during the validity period of the travel medical policy, allows you to obtain reimbursement for the medical expenses incurred, such as hospitalisation expenses. In addition, reimbursements will also be recognized in the event of terrorist acts. The best policies also provide cover if you catch covid-19 during your trip.

2) Medical Repatriation. If you are seriously unwell during your trip and the country or area you are travelling in has limited medical facilities, you may need specialist assistance to travel to the closest medical facility or even be taken home. Medical travel policies should include repatriation cover, which should cover you and those you are travelling with to be transported to the right medical facilities, although this will be decided on medical necessity.

3 Repatriation of mortal remains.Should the worst happen and you die whilst travelling, you and your family will need help in organising the return of your body. The best medical travel policies will also cover this.

At Fit 2 Trip our Medical expenses only policies are designed to provide customers with emergency medical expenses protection and repatriation costs should they become unwell during their trip.

Customers can travel knowing that should a medical emergency occur, they will have access to 24 hour medical assistance and a network of hospitals for treatment in their destination and should it be medically necessary repatriation costs are also included.

Medical expenses only policies are available for either individual single trips, or for multiple trips over an entire year in an annual multi-trip policy*customers can choose basic, standard or premier levels of cover, depending on their needs.

*For annual multi-trip policies, no one trip must exceed 31 days.

* Read the conditions in the General Conditions.

Choose to travel with peace of mind and travel safely: with Fit2Trip travel medical insurance, you can travel safely for your business trips or enjoy your vacations to the fullest!