Coronavirus COVID-19 Coverage:

All our travel insurance policies provide COVID-19 cover (terms apply). Please note our new 48 hour cancellation terms. Learn More


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Single Trip: 

A policy valid for one trip, that begins and ends in Spain. 

Annual Multi-Trip:

A policy valid for multiple trips over the course of a year that begin and end in Spain. (No individual trip may exceed 31 days).


Europe and the Mediterranean:

Defined as the continent of Europe, including all countries to the west of the Ural mountains, countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea including: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey, islands in the Mediterranean Sea, the Canary Islands, Madeira, the Azores and Iceland.

Worldwide with exclusions:

Worldwide excluding Canada, the Caribbean, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore and the USA.


Worldwide including Canada, the Caribbean, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, USA and all other.


National territory

Single Multi-Risk:

A policy that insures you for medical expenses, repatriation, stolen baggage, trip cancellation and much more. Valid for one trip that begins and ends in Spain


Single Medical Expenses Only:

A policy that insures you for medical expenses and repatriation only. Valid for one trip that begins and ends in Spain.

  • Traveling with families

    Planning a trip in advance?

    Worried about last-minute cancellations or changes to your itinerary? Insure your trips with Fit 2 Trip Covid-19 coverage

  • Traveling with families

    Travelling with kids

    We offer half-price for children under the age of 18. Infants under the age of 3 are free to insure

  • Traveling with families

    Asthma Attack whilst travelling?

    Breathe easier knowing you're covered for a medical emergency abroad.

  • Traveling with families

    Travelling with Tablets

    Make sure you pack the right travel insurance too. Almost one quarter of Spaniards state they have a long standing illness or health problem.

  • Traveling with families

    Travelling with Diabetes, Heart Disease or Cancer?

    Will your travel insurance cover you for a medical emergency? Make sure you are Fit 2 Trip.

  • Traveling with families

    Low-cost travel insurance

Travel safely, even if you have previous medical conditions

With Fit 2 Trip you can buy cheap insurance for travellers, families, individual travellers and also for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

We offer insurance for travellers with and without pre-existing medical circumstances. Travellers with previous illnesses, both Spanish residents and expatriates residing in Spain, can travel feeling protected by us.

Travelling, learning about different customs, new places, opens your mind and for this reason you have to enjoy and face a trip taking into account its limitations, especially those people who suffer from health problems.

For this reason, Fit 2 Trip is committed to offering emergency travel insurance to travellers with chronic illnesses and previous medical conditions.

For us, the first thing is to protect our customers and provide them with the peace of mind they deserve. At Fit 2 Trip we want you to have a safe and calm trip so that you feel protected during your trip.

Schedule and make your trip with a few less worries.

In addition, we have two types of travel insurance available. On the one hand, multi-risk travel insurance and, on the other hand, travel insurance only for emergency medical expenses.

To learn more about the medical conditions of our insurance for travellers continue reading
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Single Trip

  • Up to €5,000,000 Emergency Medical Expenses
  • Up to €2,000,000 Repatriation Costs
  • Up to €7,500 Cancellation
  • Up to €3,000 Baggage

From €8.52

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Medical Only

  • Up to €5,000,000 Emergency Medical Expenses
  • Up to €2,000,000 Repatriation Costs
  • Up to €7,500 Trip Interruption
  • Ski and sports activities (Optional)

From €5.54

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Annual Multi-trip

  • Up to €5,000,000 Emergency Medical Expenses
  • Up to €2,000,000 Repatriation Costs
  • Up to €7,500 Cancellation
  • Up to €3,000 Baggage

From €65.95

Our customers say...

Jorge and Maria’s trip to visit relatives in the United States nearly didn’t happen because of his angina.

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Sergio and Ana had booked their dream cruise, however emergency surgery meant that they had to cancel their cruise.

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Mario and Raquel were worried that their daughter Lorena’s asthma might mean they would struggle to get travel insurance.

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Our products

Learn about our COVID-19 coverage for your policies

Unforeseen events caused by COVID-19 can be protected by our travel policies. Whether you contract COVID-19 before your trip and cannot travel, or if you contract it during the trip

In this second case, our policies include coverage for all medical expenses related to COVID-19.*

Our policies will continue to cover other unforeseen events such as medical emergencies, lost or stolen luggage, and injuries, always depending on the type of policy you take out.

At Fit 2 Trip, depending on your needs, you can find three types of coverage in our policies: Basic, Standard or Premium, so finding cheap insurance for travellers is possible.

*Please note that cancellation claims within 48 hours of contracting the policy are not covered. In addition, our insurance will not cover you if you decide to travel to a destination that is not recommended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE).

You have at your disposal a quick guide to our medical coverage related to COVID-19 for Multi-Risk policies and for Only Medical Expenses policies.

If you want all the information about the COVID-19 coverage applicable to our policies, here you will have all the details you need to know to travel safely and protected with Fit 2 Trip.
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