Lost luggage: Iberia - What you should do


To claim lost luggage with Iberia, you must take into account the Montreal Convention, with which you will obtain compensation for the loss of your luggage and, in addition, for any expenses that may have been caused by said loss.

Iberia work with the latest baggage handling technologies so that your luggage should arrive with you at your destination without any setbacks. However, for various reasons, incidents may occur that cause luggage delay, damage or loss by the company.

It is essential that upon arrival at your destination, you check that all your luggage is there and check it inside the collection areas before leaving the airport. In this way, you can claim if you find any damage or breakage in your luggage or suitcase.

In the event that your luggage does not appear, it is important to use the Montreal Convention process to claim your lost or damaged luggage from Iberia.

Luggage lost by Iberia?: Montreal Convention

When claiming lost luggage through Iberia, it is likely that Iberia will request an inventory of the contents of the suitcase, but at a legal level, if there is no special declaration of value before check-in, the content is not credited and, therefore, there is no evidence of the actual contents of the baggage.

Therefore a Special Declaration of Value Document should be filled out to declare the contents of the luggage and it’s value. If this declaration is not made when the lost luggage is being claimed from Iberia, the contents of your suitcase is not accepted.

In other words, at the legal level there is insufficient evidence that the contents indicated to Iberia in the claim is real. The main reason why Iberia requests an inventory of lost luggage, is to calculate the amount to be paid to the customer based on the record included in the claim

The Montreal Convention requires proof of damage and must be added to all expenses arising from the loss of luggage. It is essential to take into account the following two factors.

Lost Luggage Expenses Claims with Iberia

If you claim the lost luggage from Iberia, you can also claim all the related expenses. In other words, claiming not only the costs of buying clothing or basic necessities, but also expenses such as:

  • Calls to an Iberia payment number
  • Round trips if it is necessary to go to the airport several times
  • Expenses if you miss a transport link whilst waiting for luggage, etc.

Damages due to the loss of luggage by Iberia

In addition to covering the expenses that we have already mentioned, there are some damages that passengers expect to be compensated to cover all the damage suffered and not just material loss.

What is the compensation for lost luggage that Iberia must pay?

This is a very simple calculation. According to the Montreal Convention, the liability limit is 1,400 euros (excluding expenses incurred). Therefore, from 21 days, which are the maximum days that are estimated to consider the luggage lost, an estimate can be made.

If the liability limit is 1,400 euros for 21 days that the suitcase is lost, they would give 66.66 euros per day. Therefore, if the suitcase has been missing for 10 days, we could claim 666.70 euros from Iberia for lost luggage plus additional expenses.

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