Annual Coverage

Annual Travel insurance, sometimes called annual multi-trip insurance, is a great value way to insure your trips, if you are somebody who is a frequent traveller. 

Fit 2 Trip’s annual multi-trip policies are designed to provide travellers with cover for multiple trips over an entire year, provided each individual trip does not exceed 31 days and all trips begin and end in Spain.  

Cover can be purchased from as little as €59.95, making annual travel insurance policies great value for regular travellers, providing the flexibility and security that you are insured for your trips for an entire year*, no need to worry about individual policies each time you travel. 

Annual Business Travel Insurance

Optional business cover is also available on Fit 2 Trip annual multi trip policies, enabling travellers to buy a travel policy that protects them not only for their leisure travel, but for business trips as well.

Medical Only or Multi-risk cover

Fit 2 Trip annual multi trip insurance are available as either a Medical Only or Multi Risk policy, with Basic, Standard and Premier levels of cover, allowing travellers to pick the level of cover that suits their needs, for full information read our policy wording 

All policies provide comprehensive protection for travellers, including emergency medical expenses and repatriation, with multi-risk policies adding trip cancellation, trip interruption, loss or theft of luggage and much more.

 *Subject to the terms of the policy, for full information please read our policy wording.