Travel Insurance for Expats

Travel Insurance for Expats

According to recent data, there are more than 5 million expatriates living in Spain, approximately 11% of the total population. British expats currently number nearly 316,000; and many choose to retire to the country for its warmer climate in southern Europe.


For expats looking to travel outside of Spain, to return to their home country or go elsewhere; travel insurance has to be an essential element in planning your trip.


However, finding a suitable travel insurance for expats product can be a problem, as most travel insurance companies will insist that clients be residents of the country in which they begin their trip, in order to qualify for an travel insurance for expats policy.

That means expats must buy a policy from a Spanish national insurer. A problem that is further complicated by the United Kingdom’s withdrawl from the European Union with Brexit.


For those expatriates with pre-existing medical conditions, the issue is complicated further by the fact that the cover available to them is very limited, with most Spanish travel insurers excluding cover to those with existing medical conditions.


Expatriates suffering from conditions such as respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, mental health disorders, diabetes, alzheimer's disease, dementia, kidney disease, COPD, stroke or hypertension could have complications during their trip, which would not be covered under a usual travel insurance product that would not insure travellers with existing medical conditions.  


Fit 2 Trip is different, we do we offer travel insurance for expats that covers pre-existing medical conditions, ensuring that all emergency medical treatment is provided in the event that complications from an existing medical condition happen during a trip.


Fit 2 Trip travel insurance for expats provides coverage for expats with pre-existing medical conditions, from chronic illnesses to contracting COVID-19, by allowing them to declare conditions securely online, giving them peace of mind that they are protected by their medical condition in the event of an emergency.


Taking out a policy is simple and can be done online in a few clicks. Declaring a medical condition is simple and can be done online at the time of purchase, via our medical screening system, which tailors a quotation based on your medical circumstance.


The products are available in both English and Spanish and can be purchased by anyone residing in Spain or who has lived in Spain for at least six months.


Fit 2 Trip offers single trip and multi-risk travel insurance policies. Cancellation coverage is included in our multi-risk policies, and in the same way, it can be contracted as part of a single trip or annual multiple trip policy.


All of our policies are available in basic, standard and premier coverage levels, so customers

can choose the level of coverage they require.


In addition to this travel insurance for expats. Fit 2 Trip has the following travel insurance that may interest you according to your needs:


- For Groups

- For Individual Travelers

- Sports and Activities

- Business Trip

- For couples

- Winter Sports

- Traveling for Golf

- Traveling in Europe


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