Why should I have travel insurance for my Honeymoon?

Honeymoons can be one of the most anticipated moments for the bride and groom when they get married, which is why having an adequate travel insurance is of great importance because it helps cover unexpected emergency expenses that may arise during the trip.

The following are the covers that you should consider when purchasing travel insurance for you and your partner before your honeymoon.

Medical emergencies: in case of having an accident or suffering an illness during your trip, with medical emergency insurance you will have peace of mind that your travel insurance will cover your medical expenses.

Cancellation or interruption of travel: if for a medical or other emergency reason you must cancel or shorten your trip.

Loss of luggage: In the event that your luggage does not arrive at the airport or is stolen, the insurance will help cover the expenses of what you have lost. Additionally for those getting married overseas loss of luggage cover may also protect wedding gifts that you receive in resort.

Repatriation: If you must return to your country due to a serious illness or death, the travel insurance will cover the expenses.

Civil liability: in case of causing involuntary damage to third parties during the trip.

Pre-existing diseases: It is important to declare existing diseases before purchasing travel insurance, because it will be covered in case of an emergency. If you do not declare the pre-existing medical conditions the insurance is not obliged to cover it in case of any illness or emergency.

Sports activities: If you plan to carry out sports activities during your honeymoon, it is important that you check your policy covers the activity or sport, should you get injured whilst taking part.

Winter Sports: As with other sports, it is important to add winter sports to your policy if you plan to ski or snowboard so you are covered in case of an accident. Some policies also include insurance for your winter equipment, piste closure, avalanche and others.

The policies offered by Fit 2 Trip include single medical insurance, cancellation, and/or multi-risk policies for families, couples, individual travelers, business travellers and people with pre-existing medical conditions. The medical policy of Fit 2 Trip covers medical expenses, repatriation and the cost related to a possible premature return of your trip, there is also the option of including covering winter sports.