Traveling during COVID-19

This has been a tough year for all travellers due to prohibitions, constant change of restrictions, bias recommendations, and advice from Governments and, in general, different legislations in each country. All these factors have made travelling a very hard task because of the difficulty of planning trips and gathering information to travel safely. Here at Fit 2 Trip we aim to make your life easier with some useful tips.

Last 1st of July we had great news with the launching of the EU Digital COVID Certificate. This can be used to certify the partial or complete vaccination, the negative result of a coronavirus test or the fact that they have had and overcome Covid-19. This initiative means a slight step forward in the case of bringing the normality back since it allows free travel within EU countries. For information about the EU Digital COVID Certificate and how you can get it, is available from the ‘Ministerio de Sanidad’ website.

For people that are not fully vaccinated or want to travel outside the EU, it is useful to check which countries have tackled COVID-19 more effectively and therefore are safer to visit. You can find a regularly updated COVID-19 Travel Recommendations by Destination developed by the ‘Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’ (CDC). This list divides the countries into four groups depending on the Risk Assessment Level for COVID-19, from Low to Very-High risk.

As you might know by now being vaccinated or having developed antibodies do not entirely prevent us from being infected again, especially when doing long trips or visiting countries outside the EU. For this reason, there are still travel recommendations that we should follow if we want to enjoy our holidays and not suffer any accident related to Covid-19.

At Fit 2 Trip we always recommend travelling with one of our tailored policies. On top of our traditional coverages, Fit 2 Trip will provide with improved coverage for emergencies related to Covid-19, such as Cover for cancellation if you fall ill with COVID-19 and are unable to travel, you are forced into isolation or quarantine, or medical expenses if you catch COVID-19 whilst travelling. With our policies, you can travel more safely and focus only on having fun during your holidays! You can find more information in our quick guides to our Covid-19 coverages for Multirisk Policies or Medical Only policies.  

Fit2Trip offers travel insurance for families, couples, individual travellers and people with pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, cancer, heart disease, and others. You can choose between single health insurance policies or multi-risk policies, in addition to the basic, standard, or premium coverage level. You can also choose between single or multi-trip travel insurance and add summer activities.