Travel for over 60’s

Travel for over 60’s should be care free, relaxing and not pose any real problems. Travelling can often be extremely tiring, but with regular hydration and rests travel for over 60’s is guaranteed to run smoothly.

Travel situations can change with age, travel for over 60’s especiall as they are no longer travelling with small children or extended family. For many people that travel over 60 this usually means less time by the pool and more time exploring local delicacies and attractions. Some popular destinations of travel for over 60’s include the London (UK), New York (USA), Paris (France) and Venice (Italy).

Travel for over 60’s is extremely varied with options such as cruises, caravanning, escorted tours and all inclusive packages.  Some over 60’s prefer cultural more distant travel destinations such as Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam.

Although the majority of Travel for over 60’s is stress free, one issue they should be aware of however, is that if they are on any form of medication or suffer from a pre-existing medical health condition such as diabetes, cancer or hypertension, they must ensure they are insured throughout their travels.  Travel for over 60’s is guaranteed to be a lot more enjoyable once their mind is at ease knowing that they are insured in the event of an emergency.  Traditional travel policies that exclude pre-existing health conditions will not cover associated medical expenses.

Fit 2 Trip is one of the only travel insurance companies that offer travel insurance for over 60’s with pre-existing health conditions.  Fit 2 Trip has an online screening system that allows customers to enter their medical history and receive a reasonable quote for travel insurance, based on their individual health circumstances.  Each policy is tailored specifically to each individual, this way customers can feel confident that their medical condition is covered.

Travel for over 60’s can often cause problems when individuals are not insured and assume that their Tarjeta Sanitaria Europe (TSE) or European Health Card covers them for all emergency situations. It is important to note that the Tarjeta Sanitaria Europe cannot be used instead of travel insurance. The Tarjeta Sanitaria Europe does not guarantee free medical treatments for Spanish citizens abroad. It is important when planning travel for over 60’s to remember that each country’s medical system varies and treatments that may be free in Spain are not likely to be free in different parts of the world.