Why it’s important to get travel insurance if you have a pre-existing medical condition

When planning a trip, be it for personal or business reasons, it is important to consider getting travel insurance. Most people can do this without any problem, and travel with the confidence of knowing they are protected. However, the situation may be more complicated for those who have a pre-existing medical condition, as many insurances refuse to cover any complications caused by it. As a result, many people with pre-existing medical conditions end up travelling without insurance.

Although travel insurance is beneficial to all travellers, it is more important for those afflicted with medical conditions, since the risks tend to be higher. Travel insurance may cover cases such as the following:

1. Trip cancellation before the departure date
Given the pre-existing medical condition, there is a greater chance that the trip will have to be cancelled. If months, weeks, or days before the trip, your condition worsens, you are hospitalised, or need surgery that prevents you from travelling, the insurance may cover the costs of the cancelled trip.

2. Cancellation of trip already undertaken
If while on your trip, you need to return to Spain for health reasons, the insurance may reimburse the money for tickets, hotels, and activities that will have to be cancelled. Given the case that your condition generates a complication that prevents you from continuing the journey, you may return without concern.

3. Medicine lost during trip
In case of theft or loss of luggage containing medicine needed to treat your condition, your insurance company will help you find a health centre, and could cover the costs of buying new medicine.

4. Medical emergency while traveling
It may be that your pre-existing condition causes a medical emergency while you are traveling. If you are hospitalized, or if you receive an emergency procedure, the costs can be astronomical. Fortunately, travel insurance could cover some or all of these costs.

The major obstacle for those affected by pre-existing medical conditions is the lack of cooperation of most insurance agencies. Fit2Trip is one of the few providers that offer coverage for the many people travelling with a medical condition.

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