Why is important to get a medical insurance when traveling

Unpredicted situations can happen at any moment and can happen in the safest or quietest destinations. When you are traveling you may be going to an unknown environment and getting access to resources in case of an emergency may be complicated, since the health systems works differently, depending on the country.

By taking out travel insurance you are essentially protecting yourself against travel risks such as cancellations, lost luggage and most importantly unexpected medical costs abroad.

For these reasons, at Fit 2 Trip we give some reasons why it is important to take out travel insurance, and some of the types of insurance you can buy for your trip, take note!


1. Emergency Medical Expenses

All of Fit 2 Trip’s travel insurance policies include emergency medical expenses cover Medical emergencies account for some of the highest levels of claims on travel policies, so having a travel insurance policy with emergency medical benefits is very important. Also, emergency medical expenses can cover a medical evacuation coverage for the safe transportation to a local medical facility or repatriation back to Spain.

Having a travel insurance that is designed to cover you for a medical emergency that you could face during your trip, ensuring that you don’t have to pay a huge medical bill, it is important however to be aware of the benefit limit of your policy, for example being admitted to an emergency room in the USA could cost up to $10.000 per day, so it important to get the right level of cover. People with existing medical condition should especially consider travelers insurance.


2. Trip Interruption

While traveling abroad, there may be emergencies that can affect your holidays, such as the theft of a bag, a cancelled flight, missed connection or when you arrive at your destination missing bag or bag broke. Travel insurance can help make situations better because will cover with these emergencies.


3. Types of medical insurance

  • Single Trip Travel Insurance: This kind of policy as the name suggests will cover you for a single trip and it can be used to cover an individual, a family or a couple by buying a policy before each trip.
  • Annual Travel Insurance: this kind of policy will cover you for going away on several occasions during one year and can provide comprehensive protection for travellers including emergency medical expenses, repatriation, cancelation and much more. Our policy is available for multiple trips in a year, with no one trip being more than 31 days. You can choose the level of coverage from Basic, Standard or Premier depending on your needs.
  • Worldwide Travel Insurance: It is possible to get travel insurance for just Europe, but if you are going outside Europe you will need to get a worldwide cover. The insurance offered by Fit 2 Trip offers protection to travel to different parts of the world. You can choose from three different levels of coverage, Basic, Standard or Premier.
  • Winter Sports Travel Insurance: This policy will cover you if want to go skiing or snowboarding. A regular travel insurance will not allow you to claim if you have an accident during a winter sports trip, so it is important to remember to take the Winter Sports option if you are going on any sort of winter sports trip. This policy also covers the additional benefits of accidental theft or damage to your own ski equipment having the opportunity to choose the level of coverage.
  • Group Travel Insurance: This policy offers group travel medical insurance to different groups of people who want to travel together. You can choose Medical Expenses that provide cover for emergency medical expenses during your trip and Multi-risk insurance that provides full travel assistance including emergency medical expenses, cancelation, loss or theft bags and more.


Fit 2 Trip offers a wide variety of policies that include only medical insurance, cancellation, and/or multi-risk policies for families, couples, individual travelers and people with pre-existing medical conditions. Fit 2 Trip policies’ are adapted to your needs, offering three levels of coverage: basic, standard and premium.