What to pack to travel in the spring?

In addition to the colors that stand out from nature, the flowers that are reborn and the days that become longer, travelling in spring is ideal because the prices are considerably lower than in summer; the weather is fresher when compared to summer and warmer than winter.

Here we share a list of items that we suggest you take into account when packing for spring trips:

Umbrella: Because during this season of the year it tends to bring rain, it is better if you are prepared with an umbrella in your bag to use it at the moment when the sky decides to refresh the earth.

Sunglasses: As it rains, the sun also rises. That’s why we recommend you to have sunglasses in your bag so when the sun decides to go out and give away some vitamin D to travellers and plants. Keep them handy especially if you plan to drive in a car so the light does not bother you.

A coat or windbreaker jacket: During the spring weather tends to chill at certain times especially at night, so we recommend you take a coat that protects you from the cold and the wind.

Waterproof: Do not let the rain stop you from exploring during your vacation. Pack it in your suitcase in case you leave the hotel when it is raining or if you know that during the day it will rain.

Several layers of clothing: We recommend packing different garments that you can use in layers. If the day is cold you will only have to add a sweater or shirt, and if it is hot you will only have to remove it.

Clothing: Check the temperatures of the places you plan to visit and the prediction of the weather, so you will know what kind of clothes to wear and what will be the shoes that best suit the situation. But if you’re not sure, we recommend a pair of boots for the rain, some sneakers for walking and a pair sandals.

First aid kit: We recommend you to pack a small first aid kit with items you might need in case of a small emergency: bandages, headache pills, medicines for a common cold, and other medicines that you consider you might need.

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