Travelling with Cancer

When travelling abroad with Cancer precautions you should take both before and during your travels are:

1) When preparing for your trip it is important to keep in mind that your physical needs may be different than they were before your diagnosis. You may be more sensitive to the sun for example or more likely to become ill.

2) Some Cancer’s and Cancer treatments can increase patients risks of getting blood clots, and sitting whilst travelling via plane, car or bus a long time can increase the risk. Depending on your diagnosis, when traveling by plane you may require oxygen, this is something that needs to be arranged with airlines in advance.

3) In order to visit certain countries travel vaccinations are required, whilst going through chemotherapy and at least six months after, individuals should avoid live vaccines-these must be avoided as after chemotherapy individuals have a weakened immune system.

4) If you are taking medication it is important to take a copy of your prescription, which lists all of your medicines. You may need this if you visit a country with strict rules around medication. This list is also useful in case you need to buy more medicine whilst abroad.  It is also important to ensure that you carry all medication with you in your hand luggage if possible, so you have easy access to it when needed.

5) Whilst travelling always carry spare medication in your hand luggage in case your current medication runs out or checked-in baggage gets lost.

6) Before departing on your travels you must make sure you are insured so that in the unfortunate event of an emergency, you are not left large medical bills.

Whilst travelling, you must be mindful that medical treatments that are free in Spain are not guaranteed to be free in other parts of the world.

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