Travelling with Asthma

Travelling, whether with family, friends or alone is one of the great pleasures of life, however suffering from diseases such as asthma, should not be an impediment to travelling.

If you or someone in your family plans to take a trip and suffers from asthma, the following tips are recommended to make your trip a success:

  1. Keep your medicines close: It does not matter if you are on the plane, riding a camel, learning to surf or taking a short walk. Always have your medication close by, in case you have an asthma attack.
  2. Have an action plan: Keep your family and friends informed of your medical condition and what to do in case of an emergency. Know or have your local doctor’s phone number handy in case you have to call, also details of nearest accident and emergency hospital to where you are staying.
  3. Learn to know yourself: When you know the elements that trigger an asthma attack, it is easier to avoid them. For example, if you know that dust or smoke affects you, then try to avoid them.
  4. Do not self-medicate: Remember that self-medicating can be dangerous, so if you need medical advice about the medication you should use, check with a doctor.
  5. Buy travel medical insurance: Before travelling it is important that you are covered by a suitable travel insurance policy, particularly one that will cover existing medical conditions. This is essential in case you need medical treatment while you are abroad.

Although many people think that the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) can be used as an alternative to travel insurance, this is not the case. The European Health Card offers limited medical coverage for travel abroad. The medical system in each country works differently. Therefore, services that are free in Spain may not be in other parts of the world.

Fit 2 Trip offers travel insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions, such as asthma. Fit 2 Trip aims to offer travel insurance for all, regardless of your medical circumstances. Policies offered by Fit 2 Trip include travel insurance, cancellation, and/or multi-risk policies for families, couples and solo travelers. Fit 2 Trip’s medical policy covers medical expenses, repatriation and the cost associated with a possible premature return of your trip.