Travelling with a Heart Condition

Travelling abroad with a heart condition should still be an enjoyable time to relax with family and friends. There are few things that should be considered to ensure  individuals with a heart condition have a stress- free travelling experience.

When planning a trip abroad, those with heart conditions should consider:

  • Stay in a destination that is close to local amenities – Staying in a hotel that is easy to get to and is close to local amenities such as hospitals and doctors surgeries is necessary, so that in the event of a medical emergency individuals will be able to get the help they need quickly. When booking a holiday, it is also important to explain what medical needs you may have to your travel/ booking agent.
  • Planning relaxing activities- Planning a relaxing holiday with peaceful activities such as swimming or relaxing by the beach that do not involve rigorous levels of activity such as hiking or long distance walking are a good idea for individuals that suffer from a heart condition.
  • Speaking to your GP- Getting a letter from your GP explaining your condition, medication and any medical devices you may have such as  a pacemaker or ICD is necessary in case you get stopped at customs whilst travelling. It is also a good idea to ask your GP to provide you with a prescription for extra medication to cover the length of your trip- this is useful in case you run out or it gets lost or stolen.
  • Travel insurance – Making sure you have correct travel insurance that covers your heart condition is extremely important. This is necessary in case you need medical treatment whilst abroad. Although many people think the Tarjeta Sanitaria Europea for (TSE) or European Health Card can be used as an alternative to travel insurance this however is not the case. The Tarjeta Sanitaria offers limited medical coverage for travelling abroad. Each country’s healthcare system operates slightly differently, services that are free in Spain may not be free in another country.

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