Traveling with Kidney Disease

Although there will be changes in your lifestyle, changes in diet, walk for hours during the holidays does not mean you can not travel and enjoy your vacations at any time and anywhere in the world.

 Therefore, if you follow some simple recommendations you can enjoy your holidays without risks.


1. Bring your medical history

It is important that when you travel you prepare a copy of your medical certificate that contains all the necessary information about your kidney disease, previous diagnoses, latest analysis as well as your latest treatment. Also include contacts from the hospital and your doctor.

The best thing is that the medical certificate is in English and Spanish, so there is no confusion if medical professionals have to read it and it can be more useful.


2. Travel Insurance

No doubt you can not travel without travel insurance to your destination. Buying insurance is essential to travel, especially if you suffer from kidney failure or other diseases.


3. Do not forget your medications

If you are traveling by plane, carry your medications in your carry-on baggage, but also carry some supplies in your checked baggage in case your bag is lost or stolen during the holidays. It is better to always be prepared.


4. If you are on hemodialysis

If you are on hemodialysis, you must manage your treatment at the local destination hospital centre.


5. If you are in peritoneal dialysis

You can travel relatively short distances always carrying the necessary material so you can make the spare parts, making sure you have a suitable place for the treatment and contact your supplier for the supply of materials in your holiday destination.


6. Hydration

If during the holidays does not maintain adequate hydration, kidney function may deteriorate. You can take some oral rehydration salts that can replace lost minerals but stay away from carbonated due to its phosphate or juice content due to its potassium content.

If you opt for mineral water consumption, it is recommended that water is very weak mineralization water


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