Traveling With Diabetes

Travelling with diabetes can be complicated. This medical condition tends to be problematic and requires a rigorous health care. However, it is possible for diabetics to enjoy travelling and see the world when the necessary precautions are taken:

  1. Bring your medical history
    Your medical report will be more important than your passport or any other document. In case of an emergency, it will allow the attending doctor to understand your history and administer treatment appropriate to your condition.
  2. Have a larger dose of your medications
    Given the unpredictable nature of travel, it is advisable to bring a higher dose of your medicine. This way, if you suffer loss or theft, you can replace it as soon as possible without putting your health at risk.
  3. Research your destination and adjust your routine accordingly
    During a trip, you get to know new customs and ways of life. Research your destination, and find out what changes you have to make to ensure your eating routine will not cause any problems.
  4. Measure your glucose levels more frequently
    Since you will be in different climates, and your eating habits and routine will be modified, it is important to measure your blood sugar more often than usual. This will help you detect any irregularity on time.

Even when you travel consciously and with care, a medical emergency caused by diabetes could occur. For this reason, it is necessary to obtain a good travel insurance, and know you will be protected in case of emergency. Fit2Trip offers insurance to many people with pre-existing medical conditions, allowing them to travel without worry.