Travel to Portugal for Father’s Day

It has been proven that in the long term, experiences make us much happier than material objects. This is due to several reasons, among them, that the experiences reinforce the union and create ties with other people. Experiential gifts can be enjoyed by several people at the same time and if you exercise creativity, you can get to organise very original and fun experiences. Finally, it has been proven that experiences remain in our memory much longer than a material gift.

Therefore, in Fit 2 Trip we propose that this year on Father’s Day, you leave the usual behind and surprise your father with a family getaway.

Although time may be limited and the budgets tight at the end of the month, we have thought of an ideal destination for the occasion.

Portugal is our neighbour and one could say that it has practically everything. Below we will list the reasons why Portugal is a great destination to travel to with your father in the month of March.

  1. Distance and access. It is close to Spain and can be reached by car or plane (the main airports are in Lisbon, Porto and Faro). You can find flights for 20 euros, and there is always the blablacar option.
  2. Language. Portuguese, like Castilian, are languages that come from Latin, something that facilitates communication. Although we Spaniards may find it a bit harder to understand Portuguese, they understand us almost perfectly. In addition, the Portuguese are friendly, open and fun people.
  3. Weather. Portugal has a temperate climate in the springtime. In March, they are around 18 ° C and sunny during the day, making it an ideal destination to prepare for spring. In addition, for these dates you can enjoy one of the most romantic shows of the year, almond blossom. One of the best regions to enjoy this festival is the Algarve, and specifically Silves, located on the slopes of the Sierra de Monchique, in the Barrocal.
  4. Food. Portugal has a very rich cuisine with influences from Mediterranean, African, Brazilian and Asian cuisine. Golden Cod, Caldoso Rice, Green Broth, Francesinhas and feijoadas are typical Portuguese dishes. For dessert, it is essential to try the belem cakes, the tocha jewels or the twelve lock.
  5. Bars and restaurants. Lisbon and Porto, the two most popular cities in the country, are full of restaurants and bars for all tastes. Also, in spring you can start enjoying the terraces.
  6. Wines. Portugal also has a rich wine culture. Its most famous wines are those of Porto and Madeira, or those of the Alentejo region and the Dao region. You can visit some of the most renowned vineyards, and enjoy organised tastings, at a great price.
  7. Music. The Portuguese musical culture includes a mixture of different styles. Two of the traditional styles that have reached a place in the list of intangible heritage of UNESCO are Fado and Cante Alentejano. There are a great many concerts and musical events in all regions of the country.
  8. Art and architecture. For people interested in art and architecture, the Gulbenkian Foundation or the MAAT (Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology), in Lisbon, are obligatory stops.
  9. Purchases. Portugal is famous for its handicrafts, textiles, soaps, ceramics, and handicrafts. In Lisbon, the stores of the Chiado, LX Factory, or Artes & Etc are spaces where you can buy authentic Portuguese souvenirs. The cities are full of bookstores. In the capital, you can find the oldest bookstore: Librería Bertrand; the smallest: Livraria Simão; and the most beautiful: Ler Devagar.
  10. Nature. Finally, Portugal stands out for its diverse nature. From the long beaches of the Algarve to the lush forests of the island of Madeira, there are numerous walking routes for all levels.

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