The Ministry of Foreign Affairs launches app to improve the safety of travellers in Spain

The Minister of Foreign Affairs in Spain, Josep Borrell, presented last July the informative campaign Viaja informado, viaja seguro (Travel informed, travel safely) with the aim of making users aware of the convenience of adopting some measures before traveling and consequently reducing the possibility of inconveniences. The campaign includes a mobile app that sends push messages to the traveller with recommendations and warnings specific to the country of destination in real time. It also allows online consultation of travel tips, as well as emergency telephone numbers and addresses of interest.

During the presentation, the importance of purchasing travel insurance when traveling abroad was emphasized. Some impressive figures were highlighted:

Last year insurers attended a total of 440,000 mishaps that involved Spaniards abroad, with an average cost per hour of 18,500 euros. The average price of these insurance was 400 euros.

Almost one in 10 mishaps suffered by insured travellers is very serious or extreme,” and half of the events that occur in these cases have to do with illness. A quarter refers to accidents”.

There are a number of countries where the average cost of the mishap that can occur on a trip is greater. In fact, the usual cost of solving these problems in some countries may exceed the total budget of the trip. Among the 30 countries where the incidents may be more serious, Cameroon appears in the top position, followed by Fiji, Greenland, Denmark, and Jordan.

Health care in the United States “can be more than 70,000 euros and a rescue for almost half of that figure.” After the United States, the following countries where the health cost is higher are: Turkey, Cameroon, Mexico, China, and Bolivia.

You can read the entire article from El País here

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