The importance of having travel medical insurance if you are expatriate

An expatriate is a person who lives in a country other than the country in which he or she was born, temporarily or permanently; and according to statistics, more than 5 million expatriates currently live in Spain, which is approximately 11% of the total population. British expatriates now number almost 300 000, with many choosing Spain for their retirement because of the warmth of the Southern European climate.

For all expatriates traveling from Spain, whether on vacation, a short visit to their home country, or anywhere else, travel insurance should be an essential part of their trip planning.

Finding the right travel insurance, however, can be complicated, since most insurers require clients to be residents of the country of departure of their trip to be able to contract the policy, and it is even more complicated for expats with preexisting medical conditions, because the coverage available is limited, with most Spanish travel insurers excluding people with preexisting medical conditions.

Fit 2 Trip offers travel insurance for expats living in spain with pre-existing medical conditions such as cancer, Parkinson’s, heart problems and others, so they can travel peacefully knowing they are protected in case of medical emergency.

Apart from medical only travel insurance, Fit 2 Trip also offers cancellation only insurance, as well as multi-risk policies for families, couples and individual travelers. The medical policy of Fit 2 Trip covers medical expenses, repatriation and the cost caused by a possible premature return of your trip.