Spring is coming!!

4 months have passed, once again the winter is gone, and with that comes the turn of spring, where nature begins to bloom offering beautiful colours and aromatic landscapes, with textures and pleasant seasonal temperatures.

At the change of season, the temperatures begin to rise and with this we usually get more active and play sports in the park, have picnics with friends, go for walks in the parks or canals of the city. However with the increase in flowers pollen allergies and hayfever arrive so you have to take certain precautions.

When we say goodbye to winter, humidity and cold are being expelled from the body. To help our body in this transition we must be attentive to what we eat, consume foods that contain vitamins, vegetables to maintain high defenses.

In addition, with the arrival of spring you can do many things, such as:

  • Camping can be one of the most entertaining activities to do and with the good weather, you can enjoy the spectacular nature and take part in a multitude of outdoor activities
  • With the good weather, tourism is a great idea to get to know any destination. In addition, there are tourism alternatives such as ecotourism that focuses on the activities of preservation and appreciation of the environment
  • With the change in temperature, going to the beach can be a good plan both as a family, with a group of friends or in a couple; but we do not recommend you to take a swim, as it is not until June that the water does not reach its ideal temperature. We do recommend that you take a towel and enjoy playing in the sand with your friends and sunbathing

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