Spanish insurers discriminate against people with disabilities and medical problems

For most people, organizing a trip is exciting, deciding the country, the hotel and the sites that they will visit.

Many people will also want to know what healthcare resources, such as pharmacies and doctors, are in an area before traveling to it, as they may have a medical condition that requires treatment or regular medication, such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer.

However, travelers with disabilities or a pre-existing medical condition are often exposed to an added hazard, which many are completely unaware of: their travel insurance.

This is because the policies of most Spanish travel insurance companies do not cover claims for medical emergency or cancellation of travel of people with pre-existing medical conditions.

A recent review of major Spanish travel insurers (Mapfre, Europ Assistance, Allianz, Zurich, FiatC, RACE and Axa) revealed that their policies exclude claims for medical emergency and cancellation associated with a pre-existing medical condition. This means that travelers who have a disability or a chronic illness and buy these policies are exposed to the risk that, if they suffer a medical emergency before leaving or during the trip, the insurer rejects their claim, causing an economic loss in addition to stress added to an already stressful situation.

In addition, in most cases these exclusions also apply to the medical conditions associated with the emergency. That is to say, if, for example, a person with high blood pressure or hypertension suffers a heart attack while traveling, his claim for medical care for that emergency may be rejected based on the relationship between the two conditions.

Fit 2 Trip specializes in the coverage of travelers with pre-existing medical conditions, created this revealing comparison to publicise the exclusions of coverage offered by most travel insurers in their policies.

Founder and Managing Director, Simon Powell states: “People who travel must know that the policies they pay to some insurers may not protect them in case of a medical emergency. Exclusions are often hidden between the terms of the policy, so not all customers read them and may find the problem at the time of the claim. Fit 2 Trip technology enables our clients to clearly and transparently state their medical conditions, giving them the peace of mind that they have the coverage they need. ”

Insurer Exclusions

Europ Assistance In any case the damages, situations, expenses and consequences derived from:

  1. Pre-existing or chronic diseases, injuries or conditions suffered by the Insured prior to the commencement of the trip, as well as those that may occur during the course of the trip.

Mapfre ARTICLE 4.2. SPECIFIC EXCLUSIONS FROM THE COVERAGE OF PERSONAL ASSISTANCE In addition to the General Exclusions to all the guarantees of this policy, described in article 12 of these General Conditions, the following facts and their consequences will not be covered:

  1. A) The benefits required for the care of pre-existing diseases that are not of vital urgency. This exclusion will not apply to the guarantee of “Transfer or repatriation of the deceased Insured”.

Allianz 11. Expenses caused by an illness or accident of which the insured was not reinstated at the time of the commencement of his trip or at the time of continuation of the same, according to the guarantee 1, or in the opinion of the medical team of ALLIANZ GLOBAL ASSISTANCE was contraindicated with said trip.



  1. General Exclusions Relating to All Guarantees These exclusions apply to all coverage except the 4.1 Travel cancellation fees and the 5 Private Civil Liability. The diseases or injuries that occur as a consequence of pre-existing, serious or chronic diseases, with risk of aggravation, of the insured, as well as their complications and relapses.


Zurich Travelers travel insurance does not cover people over 70, accidents in countries or geographical areas at risk, or people who already suffer from a serious illness.

FiatC Excluded Risks

Claims that may be derived directly or indirectly from medical care, care or treatment received during the 18 months prior to the application for insurance by the Insured or the persons to whom the coverage of this policy applies

RACE Exclusions with respect to the guarantee of Reimbursement of cancellation expenses:

Claims that may be derived directly or indirectly from pre-existing diseases, congenital, chronic or medical conditions prior to the commencement of travel.

Exclusions with respect to the guarantees of medical care and personal travel:

1 Diseases or injuries prior to commencement of travel (only excluded for the application of the guarantee 1.3 Health Benefits), those produced as Chronic diseases, complications or relapses, and those resulting from criminal actions directly or indirectly Insured or their companions.

Review made by Fit 2 Trip in the policies available on the websites of insurers on 30 and 30 March 2015.