Make sure your travel insurance covers you for business trips

More than half of travellers said they do not exercise during business trips, compared to when they are not traveling, and a little less than half said they tend to eat unhealthy food during work trips.

Work trips can include long days of meetings, late nights and early mornings, and with the pressure and work stress that these influence on travellers, unhealthy behaviors grow.

One third of the business travellers, who participated in a survey in the USA, said that during business trips they experienced a higher level of stress than normal and they had difficulty sleeping during trips, which can cause a health deterioration producing headaches, gastrointestinal diseases, chest pain that can lead to the development of anxiety, depression, asthma, and cardiovascular problems.

Having travel insurance is important in order to be protected while travelling, whether it’s pleasure or business trips, because emergencies happen when they’re least expected.

Policies offered by Fit 2 Trip include single trip and annual multi-trip travel insurance, cancellation, medical only and multi-risk policies for business trips, families, couples, individual travellers and people with pre-existing medical conditions. Fit 2 Trip’s travel insurance policies cover medical expenses, lost or stolen luggage repatriation and the cost associated with a possible premature return or cancellation of your trip.