Individual trips Insurance Policy

The last frontier of the journey? It is the solitary holiday, the best way to feel free, see the world, discover a place and meet people at their own pace. The trend has definitely changed: solo travel continues to grow and this is not a choice just for free spirits or incurable globetrotters. This type of vacation is becoming a necessity of our time. 

According to the definition provided by Statistics Canada, a solo traveller is a person who is not accompanied by a family member during the trip. A person travelling in a group is therefore also considered a lone traveller. The majority of solo travellers are people with an active social life and a high income. Furthermore, their travel habits are different from those of other types of travellers. In fact, solo travellers prefer to travel in the low season and more frequently.

This new trend is explained by the demographic changes that have taken place in recent years. Today more and more people are living alone. In fact, nearly 35% of households in developed countries are made up of a single person. This can be due to several reasons: bereavements, divorces or the desire to have a child later.

According to a study by one of the major tourism services and communication companies, MMgy Global, one over four people have travelled alone at least once in the last year.

Travelling alone brings a number of psychological benefits. First of all, the solitary vacation is a way to feel free and discover the world, strengthen self-esteem, learn new skills , but also spend great time for ourselves, to really explore the most intimate part of our personality, learning to know ourselves better and to test ourselves. The psychological benefits of this type of experience are many: travelling alone strengthens self-esteem, improves learning skills and opens the mind. For all these reasons, "solo travel " is increasing nowadays, and not just by singles, solo millennials and women are on the rise too: according to a Newsweek survey, in fact, in the last decade solo female travellers have increased by 70 percent.

Planning your vacation, booking flights and hotels, asking tour operators questions at the travel destination, determining the travel route - planning an individual trip is certainly not that easy. 

The important thing is to choose the right destination for your solo trip, identifying places that are spectacular, but also safe and friendly. Which are the parameters to choose for your perfect solo travel? To begin, we suggest taking a look at the Global Peace Index, the study carried out every year by the Institute for Economics and Peace to monitor peace in 162 countries around the world. One of the top countries are:

  • Iceland with borderland and unspoiled landscapes, where silence and nature still reign. 
  • New Zealand follows, remote enough to be the "only travel" of life.
  • Surprisingly, Portugal, Austria, Denmark are in the following positions since they are defined as easily accessible countries, to be discovered in a new guise, also rewarded by the Happy Planet Index, which takes into account life prospects and perceived well-being.

Although it seems a tough process to realise, it has the potential to become a better formative moment, a unique experience. 

Spend a whole day in a museum, without timetables, or lie on the beach until sunset. Wandering aimlessly in a large metropolis. Or join a group leaving for a jungle trek. As a single, in total relaxation, with the pleasure of playing your cards away from the "comfort zone" of the usual well-known company. An adventure to live and share even with people never seen before, perhaps known along the journey.

Perfectly organised trips by foot, by bicycle, locally, internationally or worldwide, with all the necessary services but without a guide and without a group. You will travel independently, alone or with whoever you want, on tours dedicated to free spirits and those who want to discover their chosen destination at their own pace. 

However, sometimes these trips can become expensive or the chosen travel insurance may not be as convenient as you thought. With Fit 2 Trip, travel insurance for even your individual trip will be convenient and tailored to your needs.

Fit 2 Trip offers economic travel insurance to solo travellers, seeking to offer them the protection they might need in the event of an emergency during the trip.

You can choose between Medical Expenses only insurance, that provides cover for emergency medical expenses that may arise during your trip, and Multi-risk insurance that provides comprehensive travel assistance including emergency medical expenses, repatriation, cancellation, trip interruption, loss or theft of luggage, flight delay and more. Policies are available both for individual trips and as an annual multi-trip policy*. Customers can choose basic, standard or premier levels of cover, depending on their needs.

*For annual multi-trip policies, no one trip must exceed 31 days.

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