How to prevent being a victim of crime whilst abroad

Most of the time travelling is fun and enjoyable; however certain scenarios such as being a victim of crime whilst abroad can make your trip much less enjoyable. Below are tips of how you can prevent being a victim of crime whilst travelling.

Be prepared – Before travelling there are some steps to minimize your losses in case of theft: make photocopies of key documents (passport, itinerary, prescriptions) to bring along. As a backup, leave a copy with loved ones so that if you lose your copies they can mail them new copies to you.  It is also a good idea to bring a couple of extra passport pictures.

If you have expensive electronics (camera, tablet, smartphones.) you should purchase travel insurance that covers personal belongings. Before travelling you should take photos of your belongings and leave these at home, these photos could potentially help settle insurance claims if any of your personal items get stolen. It is also advised that travellers back up their photos and other files frequently and that they leave expensive looking luggage at home as this attracts thieves.

Leave valuables in your room – Expensive belongings, such as laptops, are much safer in your room than with you in a day bag on the streets. Most hotels often have safes in their rooms or at the front desk.

Secure your bag- Thieves want to quickly separate you from your valuables, so even minor obstacles can be effective deterrents. If sitting down, loop a strap of your bag around your arm or leg. If you plan to sleep anywhere in public clip or fasten your backpack or suitcase to the seat, luggage rack, or yourself. The inconvenience of undoing a knot will deter most thieves.

When traveling abroad it is always important to make sure that you purchase travel insurance for yourself and your family, so that in the unfortunate event of an emergency you will not be faced with having to pay large amounts of money.

Fit 2 Trip offer both single, multi and annual trip coverage with medical only, cancellation only and multi-risk policies for families, couples and individuals.  All of Fit 2 Trip’s policies offer coverage for the loss or theft of personal belongings up to the amount of 3,000 €.

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