How To Not Get Bored At The Airport

It is one thing to wait an hour or two at an airport, and another is to wait five, seven or ten hours (or more) to take your next flight.

Therefore, at Fit 2 Trip we offer you some ideas so you do not get bored at airports:

    • There are airports that are well connected to the city and offer tours to get to know the city.


    • Read, listen to music (have a playlist for your trip), movies ( Netflix). Important to carry charger and headphones, and a notebook to write in if inspiration comes, games of ingenuity, consoles, or learn a language.


    • Do some sport: If you are lucky enough to arrive at one of the best airports in the world, you can play golf (Hong Kong Airport or at the Dom Muang in Thailand), ice skate (Seoul Airport), do some lengths in a 25-metre pool (Doha Airport) or yoga (San Francisco Airport, USA).


    • If your delay is more than 6 hours, as a general rule some airlines allow you to leave the airport (without paying fees). So you can consider going around the city (check the round trip times before you leave the airport!). Salt Lake City (USA), Singapore, Taipei, Utah (USA), Seoul, Istanbul, Tokyo and Doha airports all offer free tours to see the city if you are a passenger in transit (some only for passengers of a specific airline).


    • If you are tired you can also take a nap, especially in those airports that have special seats: Seoul Incheon International Airport (South Korea), The modern Changi Airport (Singapore), Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (Finland), Airport from Vancouver (Canada), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Haneda (Tokyo), among others.


    • Exhibits: Different galleries, exhibitions and cultural activities are usually displayed in almost any airport. If you can, take a spin; Surely you will find some temporary or permanent exhibition to admire.


    • Live concerts, Nashville airport, United States.


  • Get lost in the tropical botanical gardens at Kuala Lumpur Airport, Malaysia.

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