Best places to camp

Sleeping under the light of the stars is a unique experience that we recommend everyone enjoys once in their life.

The contact with nature, the sound of the breeze and the sensation of freedom, accompany the experience of camping. That’s why at Fit 2 Trip we give you our recommendations for our Top 5 places to camp during travel.

Sahara Desert (Morocco): Camping in the desert is an unforgettable experience. Local people known as Bedouins will share stories, cultural traditions, food and even teach you to ‘read the stars’. It is important that this trip is planned with tour companies that accompany you during the experience because otherwise it would be easy to get lost in the desert.

Waldseilgarten (Germany): This is an excellent destination for adventurous people. Here you can camp in a tent that hangs from a tree and you can appreciate the stars through a mosquito net that protects you. The next day you can enjoy many outdoor activities.

Gocta Falls (Peru): If you want to venture into the Amazon rainforest, to the north of Peru, you can camp in the Gocta Falls that has a waterfall of the Utcubamba River of more than 700 meters high and the landscape is amazingly beautiful.

Arches National Park (USA): This park located in Utah is one of the most beautiful places to camp due to the arches of natural sand that can be seen there, along with the many coloured lizards and birds.

Alaudin Lake (Tajikistan): This lake surrounded by mountains offers an impressive panorama if you decide to camp there. From Lake Alaudin you can walk and tour the Fan Mountains, and for the adventurous, after an eight-hour walk you can reach Artush.

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