Best destinations to visit during spring

Spring is one of the best times to travel for different reasons:

  • Prices are considerably lower than in the summer season.
  • The landscapes are beautiful because the colorful flowers make their way into the green landscapes.
  • The weather is not as cold as in the winter, but not as stifling as in the summer.

That’s why Fit 2 Trip shares these five recommendations for travel during spring and hopes you enjoy the wonders that the landscape offers:

1. Japan (Yoyogi Park in Tokyo):

Yoyogi Park is one of the largest in Tokyo and receives a large number of visitors especially on Sundays when people gather to enjoy the scenery, ride a bicycle, listen or play music or practice martial arts. During the spring you can enjoy a beautiful view with the cherry blossoms and other flowers that paint the park colourful.

2. Holland (Keukenhof Gardens):

The word ‘Keukenhof’ translates to ‘the kitchen gardens’ and is only open during spring for 7 – 8 weeks a year to allow visitors to see the most beautiful gardens in Holland, full of tulips and many other flower species that form beautiful colourful floral designs.

3. France (Giverny Monet Gardens):

In the Giverny area is one of the most beautiful gardens in France and the one that inspired the painter Claude Monet for some of his paintings. Monet’s garden is in the house where he lived from 1883 until his death in 1926. Today it is possible visit the gardens, the studio and the house. The location is a little over an hour from Paris.

4. Norway (Hardangerfjord):

One of the wonders of Norway is the fjords, the Hardangerfjord is located in the south of the Norwegian coast and is the third largest fjord in the world. From there you can go through the water to appreciate incredible beautiful landscapes that in spring stands out for its bright and radiant colours.

5. Italy (Tuscany):

The spring it is one of the most beautiful times to explore the Tuscany region of Italy, for the rebirth of plants and blossoming of trees are a worthy spectacle to appreciate, the nature looks more radiant due to the fresh weather with longer days.