Basic tips for traveling in winter

Whilst it may be winter and cold outside, any time of the year can be holiday time. Nowadays people travel at all times of year and everywhere in the world.

One of the problems that travellers can have when it comes to packing their suitcase is thinking about what to take on their journey for their winter travels. For many, going out in this season means just wearing a thick jacket, however many do not appreciate that they will have to live with the cold during their visit, and so a variety of clothing is needed to keep warm.

To do this, Fit 2 trip offers you some tips of what you can take in your suitcase when travelling to cold destinations, take note!

1. Appropriate clothing

One of the mistakes that travellers usually make when packing their suitcase is to put in a lot of clothes. Going warm means wearing appropriate clothes to fight the cold and not wearing a lot of clothes. Avoid wearing clothes with material that easily absorbs the cold and try to wear clothes with warm material such as T-shirts and thermal tights that can be worn under clothing and will help keep out the cold.

2. Protect feet, hands, and face

The feet and hands are important parts to help you maintain your body at a comfortable temperature. Therefore, keep your hands warm with good gloves, your feet with thick wool socks, and good waterproof boots for the cold. Also, include in your suitcase a hat and scarf, so you keep the parts that are more sensitive to the cold well sheltered.

3. A Thermos Flask

These are very practical, do not take up much space and are ideal for storing hot drinks before going to tour a city.

4. Apply the onion technique!

When getting dressed,, remember that you should always put a thinner layer first and then a thicker layer. They have not to be too tight since the air will circulate between the two layers and it will keep you warm. And finally, remember that the last layer of clothing should be waterproof because if it rains, the cold will become your enemy.

5. Umbrella and raincoat

In winter time, rain can be very common and can catch you by surprise at any time; so in your travel luggage, you should not forget an umbrella and a raincoat, so that the rain does not stop you from learning about the city which you are visiting.

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