5 Family Summer Destinations

As summer is fast approaching we have put together some great summer family holiday travel destinations including a reminder of the importance of travel insurance at the end.

1) Greek Islands- All the Greek islands (Corfu, Crete, Rhodes, Kos, Zante and Kefalonia) are made up of gorgeous beaches and clear blue seas. As the Greek economy is struggling families can take advantage of great resort and hotel discounts!

2) Florida- with Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios, Orlando is the perfect choice for many families heading to Florida. Though there is much more to the Sunshine State than its theme parks. Once the kids have laughed and enjoyed themselves around the main attractions, there are bright, sandy beaches, fast paced cities such as Miami and wildlife parks to explore too.
Travelling around Florida can be made easy by hiring a car and multi- destination trips are great ways to see a lot in a short time.

3) Mexico – Destinations in Mexico such as Cancun have become increasingly popular for families over the past few years. The American influence in Cancun equates to excellent service and many child-friendly food options, whilst the Caribbean location provides picture perfect beaches and amazingly warm water. Cancun also has plenty of family activities including historic Aztec sites such as Chichen Itza nearby and a Wet ‘n Wild water park.

4) Sri- Lanka- Sri Lanka is the perfect destination for families seeking a taste of the exotic. The stunning island, famous for its palm-lined beaches, also offers great value for money. Sri-Lanka also offers a wide variety of cheap and tasty food, with family activity options including visits to tea plantations and historical temples.

5) France- If your family is in to exploring the city or visiting Mickey Mouse, France has it all. You can visit and ride yachts in St Tropez, meet the characters at Disney or indulge in local seafood and delicacies in Brittany- you choose.
Once choosing a destination it is always important to make sure that you purchase travel insurance for yourself and your family, so that in the unfortunate event of an emergency you will not be faced with expensive bills.

Fit 2 Trip offer both single, multi and annual trip coverage with medical only, cancellation only and multi-risk policies for families that are perfect coverage for summer vacations.
Fit 2 Trip also offer travel insurance for those with pre-existing medical health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer.