5 destinations to travel in April

More heat, more colour, and more light and an extra hour of sunlight to make you want to go out and travel the world!

The month of April is associated with the word “aperire” which means: the door to spring, the opening of the earth, freshness, and youth. April becomes one of the best months to consider a getaway or a trip to any part of the world.

For some people, April is the best month to travel just like the month of October, that period between the low season and the high season, sometimes known as the “shoulder season” is the moment in which the Northern hemisphere shakes off the winter and the Southern hemisphere shakes from the hot summer.

For this, we give you some ideal destinations to visit in April:

    • Morocco: It is a near and cheap destination to travel to in April. Although the climate of Morocco depends on the area you are going to visit, April is an ideal month to enjoy the whole country without having stifling temperatures or chance of rain. Also, if you feel like going to the beach, to have the chance of some sunbathing you can try the beaches of Agadir or Essaouira.


    • Kyoto – Japan: Kyoto is located in the south of the Japanese archipelago, so the flowers bloom before those in the north. In this city, you can enjoy architectural wonder, Japanese cuisine, and geisha culture. In Kyoto, you will have the opportunity to see the cherry blossoms in the heart of Japan. Another reason to travel to Japan in April is the main dance season for the geisha districts of Kyoto.


    • Krabi – Thailand: It is located on the west coast of the Andaman Sea where the weather is less humid than in the rest of the country. Just a few kilometers from the airport you will find the main beach, Ao Nan. It offers a landscape with an incredible beauty with white sand, aquamarine and crystalline water and offers a set of places to visit its surroundings. Access to the island is by boat and takes 15 minutes, about 10 kilometers from Krabi Town.


    • Egypt: The well-known country of the pharaohs and is one of the oldest civilizations in history. See the Pyramids and the Sphinx, look for the Tomb of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings and cruise the Nile River moments that you will never forget. For some people, it is not convenient to travel to Egypt in the summer season, as the temperature can reach 45º Celsius and the air is dry. Therefore, the best season to travel to Egypt is in April, it is the middle season, the temperatures are generally mild, there is almost no rain and the nights are refreshing.


  • Patagonia – Argentina: In April the autumn begins in Patagonia Argentina, the landscapes and the routes take fascinating colors that are a gift for the eyes. One of the best areas is Lake Espejo and Villa de Angostura. During the season the weather is excellent and you can see the first snowfall in the mountains and without being so cold.

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