5 city breaks destinations in autumn

Travelling is fun at any time of the year, so here at Fit 2 Trip we’re recommending five city break destinations to inspire you organise a trip during the autumn, a time where the weather begins to prepare for the winter and the landscapes are painted yellow and orange by the leaves of the trees.

New York: If you like to tread on dry leaves as they fall from trees, enjoy the orange and yellow colors of the landscape, a walk through the Central Park of the Big Apple is what we recommend to visit during the fall. Remember that in addition to Manhattan, there are other areas of interest to visit such as the art galleries in Brooklyn or the Bronx Zoo.

Edinburgh: Edinburgh is a magical city and small enough to visit all the highlights on a weekend, but if you want to make you’re short trip longer, there are many more places to visit in Scotland, such as taking a whiskey route through the highlands, visit Loch Ness or a drive by car to visit the Scottish castles.

Prague: A city with architectural splendor, with beautiful streets and neighborhoods to visit, make Prague a perfect city for a visit this time of year. Do not miss the visit to the astronomical clock tower, Prague Castle, a walk through the John Lennon Wall and the Jewish quarter.

Istanbul: Visit this huge city that joins Europe with Asia during the autumn and take a cruise on the Bosphorus, visit the Blue Mosque and enjoy the gastronomic delights that this city has, and if you have time to travel around Turkey, a balloon ride in Cappadocia is what we recommend.

Amsterdam: There are many varied options to explore Amsterdam; you can travel by bicycle and see the city as the Dutch, or you can enjoy a boat ride through the city canals that pass through all the streets. Of course you can also walk it. Amsterdam is a perfect city to travel with family, friends, couple and even alone.

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