10 things to do in Autumn

Autumn is one of the favorite seasons of many people and we can imagine why. The mild climate, the colorful landscapes and the smell of rain makes it a very magical season. At Fit 2 Trip we want to share with you a list of ten things you can do this Autumn.

  1. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables such as pumpkins, cauliflower, mushrooms, aubergine, artichoke, grapes, pomegranate or apples.
  2. Visit some of the most beautiful places in the world in Autumn such as Japan, The West Coast of the US, Loften Islands in Norway, Provence in France, or Douro Valley in Portugal.
  3. Buy a cone of roasted chestnuts on the streets, or roast them yourself at home
  4. Celebrate Halloween in a different place
  5. Take advantage of the long weekends in Spain during these months and visit any of the most charming villages in Europe.
  6. Go out to the streets and take pictures of the colorful Autumn landscapes.
  7. Take your bike and do any of the most beautiful cycling routes in the world
  8. Go mushroom picking in the forest
  9. Witness the bird migration show
  10. Go to the cinema or the theatre in the very cold days.

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