10 safety tips for travelling solo

Traveling solo is an experience we recommend you do at least once in your lifetime because you can discover aspects of yourself that you may not have known, however as with any travel, staying safe is important. Here we share 10 tips to keep you safe when travelling solo.

  1. Research before your trip, find out which places you should avoid at certain times of the day.
  2. Use public transportation whenever you can,so you will be in company. If you need to take a taxi, ask in a reliable company.
  3. Make friends:If you stay in bed and breakfast and hostels, you have more opportunities to meet other travellers to share experiences and advice.
  4. Guided Tours:Tours are another option where you can explore new places and you can also meet new people that will make your trip more interesting.
  5. Leave notes:When you go out to explore the city, especially at night, leave a note in your room telling where are you going and with whom. So the hotel staff will know where to look for you in case something happens.
  6. Give a copy of your itinerary and documents to your family:Always have a copy of your itinerary and important documents in your email to access them in case they get lost. Send a copy to your trusted family or friends, so they can help you if you need it.
  7. Trust your instincts:If you feel that something is not right, chances are it is not. Follow your instincts and do not put yourself at risk just to prove that you are brave.
  8. Learn keywords in the language of the country you are visiting:It is always useful to know words in another language that will help you to ask for help. For example: ‘I’m lost’, ‘How do I get to this address?’, ‘Please call the police’.
  9. Be aware of emergency numbers so you can use them if you need them.
  10. Travel insurance:Whenever you travel, it is important to have comprehensive travel insurance, which includes medical insurance for travel, to cover you in the case of an emergency.

Fit 2 Trip aims to offer travel insurance for everyone, regardless of their medical circumstance or age. Policies offered by Fit 2 Trip include single health insurance, cancellation, and/or multi-risk policies for families, couples, individual travellers and people with pre-existing medical conditions. Fit 2 Trip’s medical policy covers medical expenses, repatriation and the cost associated with a possible premature return of your trip.