10 ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the style of your favorite Disney characters

The sweetest day of the year arrives, ‘Valentine’s Day’ a day to spend with that special person, with whom we want to share unforgettable moments.

That’s why Fit 2 Trip gives you some tips you can do with your partner for that day and what better if it’s the style of your favorite Disney characters!

The Lady and the Tramp

What more romantic to enjoy in one of the most romantic city in the world (Venice) a gondola ride with a group of musicians accompanying you and your partner with popular Italian melodies. And what better way to end the day with a romantic candlelight dinner in a typical Venetian restaurant. Sharing a plate of Spaghetti can be a bit difficult, but Reina and the Gulf worked to make them fall in love!


Ice skating can be a good romantic idea! And what better to do it on one of the largest ice rink in Europe in Moscow (Russia). Skating with your partner right in Red square in Moscow and accidentally fall into their arms while you skate with him or her can be a lot of fun and more if on the track there is music where both can dance while skate. The cold made Anna & Kristoff fall in love!


Aladdin seduced Jasmine when he appeared in her house by surprise with a sweet proposal. As it is very likely that you do not have a flying carpet, an alternative plan is to surprise your lover with a bouquet of flowers and take her to see the stars.

The Royal Observatory of Greenwich, London every year organises a special event for Valentine’s Day. Lovers can visit the observatory, meet the different astronomers, observe the moon and the stars with a Victorian telescope, or cross the zero meridian.

Beauty and the Beast

Alsace is a city in northern France where the Beauty and the Beast met, and it is a perfect place to make a romantic getaway this Valentines. You can surprise your partner with a rose and take her to dance all night. You can also visit the castle of Chambord, where the Beast lived.


Valentine is the feast of love, but not only romantic love. The love for your friends must be celebrated too. A good plan to celebrate is by cooking together, as Remy and Alfredo do in Ratatouille’s film.

You can try one of these Valentine’s recipes or create a vegan menu with Pinterest ideas.

If you decide to visit new places for Saint Valentines, why not prepare a menu with typical products from that region? If you are in Paris you can go to the Fromagerie Laurent Dubois to buy a French cheese, and if you are in Switzerland you can go through one of the many chocolate shops that are distributed throughout the country.


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