10 Christmas Markets in Europe

During the months of November and December European cities are filled with a Christmas atmosphere, this is added to by the opening of many Christmas markets for its citizens and visitors. That’s why we recommend traveling during this time, to enjoy with family and friends. Here are Fit 2 Trip’s top 10 Christmas markets across Europe:

Cologne: In the Christmas Markets of Cologne you can enjoy outdoor concerts, baked apples, cinnamon biscuits, mulled wine and other culinary delights that the city has to offer.

Prague: In Prague you can visit the main Christmas market in the Old Town Square where you can also visit the Prague astronomical clock, which hundreds of tourists visit every day.

Strasbourg: In the Christkindelsmärik market, everything you will find is traditional: gifts, food and lots of decoration to hang on the Christmas tree.

Budapest: If you travel to Budapest during the Christmas season, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a very interesting gastronomic offer in the Christmas markets: goulash, pork knuckles, meatballs, sauerkraut, fresh flat bread in garlic sauce and much more.

Vienna: In Vienna there are more than 20 Christmas markets, where choirs entertain visitors and you can buy traditional crafts and decorations that are sold in Christmas stalls.

London: If you are in London in December, you should not miss Winter Wonderland which is the most popular Christmas market and fair in the city, where you can enjoy all the mechanical attractions, lots of food, hots drinks, handicraft sales, Christmas gifts and much more.

Brussels: In Brussels you can have fun on an ice skating rink, enjoy an original light and sound show, video mapping, an authentic Christmas parade and a lot of authentic food. Although this city is renowned for its beers, on Christmas you will also find the traditional mulled wines.

Berlin: Germany is famous for its Christmas markets, that is why we recommend you visit this capital if you want to enjoy the atmosphere they offer during this time of year. Be sure to try the traditional German sausage ‘Wurst’ and the mulled wine they call ‘Glühwein’.

Copenhagen: In Copenhagen you can visit the Tivoli Gardens where you can enjoy the Christmas market and in addition to mechanical attractions such as the Daemonen roller coaster.

Tallinn: In Tallinn you can enjoy the Christmas markets for longer than in other cities because there the Russian Orthodox Church follows the Julian calendar, which means that Christmas is celebrated in January.

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