Why do I need travel insurance?

Travelling is part of life, whether it is for pleasure or business we almost take for granted that we can move around the world with relative ease.

However frequently we travel however, one thing that every traveller should have is valid travel insurance.

But why should travellers bother with insurance?

A comprehensive, multi-risk travel insurance policy will cover you both before and during your trip

Before your trip, a multi-risk travel insurance policy will typically cover you for cancellation costs, protecting the financial investment you have made in your trip. With a family holiday potentially costing several thousands of pounds, ensuring that money spent on a trip is not wasted or lost in the event of something unforeseen happening, is vitally important.

Cancellation cover typically includes protection for issues such as ill health, redundancy, jury duty or even being called for military service

As soon as your trip begins the majority of the policy’s benefits begin, with critical ones like emergency medical expenses and lost or stolen luggage being of greatest benefit once you have arrived at your holiday destination.

Many European citizens believe that the key benefit of emergency medical expenses is covered by the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Whilst emergency medical treatment will be provided through the EHIC through state run hospitals, other services such as ambulances, prescription drugs and repatriation will in most cases not be covered by the EHIC and this is where the additional cover provided by travel insurance is essential.

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