What do I do in a medical emergency when I’m travelling?

Nobody likes to think they are going to be involved in a medical emergency when they are travelling, however if things happen what should you do?

If a medical issue happens whilst you are travelling, it will normally be one of two types of situation:

  • A non-life threatening issue that requires a visit to a pharmacist, doctor or hospital out-patients department.
  • A more serious or life threatening issue that requires immediate medical attention or admission to a hospital.

Within your Fit 2 Trip travel insurance documentation will be details of our Medical Assistance Service, this is a 24 hours, 7 day a week service available to customers. The service is accessible by telephone (+34 938 000 297) and is staffed by medically trained staff.

In the event of a non-life threatening situation a customer can access the service to ask for assistance in locating a local hospital or pharmacy, which can provide medical treatment or provide access to medication.

In this situation it is acceptable to retain your hospital or pharmacy bills and submit a claim when you return from your trip.

For more serious or life threatening issues, it is quite common for a customer to be admitted to hospital before the Medical Assistance Service has been contacted. In situations like this, the doctor treating the customer will normally contact the Medical Assistance Service as soon as is possible, to confirm the medical situation and confirm details of the customer’s travel insurance policy.

For this reason we recommend that customers keep the Medical Assistance Service contact details and their travel insurance policy number with them, so they can access them quickly in the event of an emergency. These details can be found in the policy schedule which you would have been sent by email, when the policy was purchased.

For customers who have been admitted to hospital in their travel destination, the Medical Assistance Service will liaise with the local treating hospital on an ongoing basis, to ensure that the treatments being provided are suitable and where necessary will coordinate with the local hospital to arrange for repatriation back to Spain.

In this situation all hospital bills will be settled by Fit 2 Trip directly with the local hospital less any excess you may have on your policy.

By far the majority of trips our customers take are trouble free, however being a Fit 2 Trip customer means that in the event of a medical emergency, you can be sure that assistance is close by and available.

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