How much does it cost if you are sick or injured in the USA?

No one likes to think of being unwell and certainly not when we are holiday, but if the worse should happen, what costs could you expect to have if you became ill or injured yourself whilst on a trip in the United States.

According medical assistance providers, a traveller admitted to hospital in the U.S. with a broken leg could expect a bill of between €25,000 to €60,000 for treatment in a local hospital. Whilst this figure to many European visitors may seem huge, for more serious conditions the charges just get higher.

For admission and treatment for a heart attack, medical costs could be anything between €60,000 and €300,000. Add to this cost the likelihood that following a serious medical incident such a heart attack a traveller may well require repatriation, which via an air ambulance could cost up to €60,000 from east coast America or up to €120,000 from the west coast. Lastly add a doctor escort into the package (needed for serious conditions) and costing up to €30,000 and it’s quite easy to see how a total of €500,000 in costs could be spent very easily.

Fortunately medical bills like these can be covered by the right travel insurance, however it is important that travellers check the policy limits to ensure that they have sufficient cover before they travel, otherwise in the event of a claim they may be asked to settle any short-fall personally.

Many travel insurance policies available in Spain provide limited medical expenses cover, if you are travelling to the United States, check that your policy covers you for higher medical and hospital costs that could be incurred in the event of a claim.

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