How Corona virus could affect on your Trip Insurance Policy?

Coronavirus, will my travel insurance cover me?

The coronavirus, or Covid-19, has spread to many countries globally, impacting our daily lives already, but what happens if you have booked to travel in the coming days, weeks or months and travel is suspended, or you simply decide that you don’t want to travel? What happens if you do travel and you have to spend time in quarantine? Worse still, what if you contract the virus whilst abroad? Will travel insurance cover cancellation costs or medical expenses. Here we answer some key questions that we’ve had from customers in the last few days.

I’ve booked my trip but don’t have travel insurance yet.

If you are able, get some now! Many national governments have introducing travel advice for certain destinations, such as China and some towns in Italy, however these may change and be added to at any time. Critically, many travel insurance providers use this government advice to say whether they will or will not insure a traveller in a particular area.

With the number of coronavirus cases growing globally, if you are already booked to travel at some point in the future, it is vitally important that you buy travel insurance that includes cancellation cover, in case travel advisories change to include a country you are travelling to. Having travel insurance with cancellation cover in place ensures that are able to claim for the financial loss you may have. Additionally, if you have purchased travel insurance, check that the cancellation cover does not exclude claims as a result of a pandemic, if it does you should consider another policy.

All Fit 2 Trip policies that have cancellation cover, will cover customers in pandemic situations

I’ve booked my travel and have insurance, but I don’t want to go now, can I claim for cancellation?

If you have booked to travel to destination before a government, ban on travel was introduced (such as China and certain towns in Italy) then you can claim for cancellation. However if you are due to travel to a destination, which has no travel ban, but no longer want to travel, you are not covered for cancellation. This type of situation is called ‘disinclination to travel’ and most travel insurers (including Fit 2 Trip) will not cover claims relating to this type of case. At Fit 2 Trip we monitor the travel advice from the Spanish and UK governments, you can review their information here:

What happens if I am quarantined as a result of coronavirus and have to stay at my resort for longer, does my travel insurance still cover me?

All Fit 2 Trip policies will continue to cover customers in their destination if they have to stay longer than their original travel dates, due to quarantine requirements. If you are insured with, another company check your policy to ensure that they will do this also.

What happens if I am diagnosed with coronavirus/Covid-19 when I’m travelling?

Provided you have not travelled to a country or area that has a government or WHO travel ban, Fit 2 Trip policies will cover customers for emergency medical expenses including those associated with the coronavirus/Covid-19. You should follow the guidelines for declaring any symptoms or illness to local authorities at your destination.

What happens if I travel to an area or country that already has a known coronavirus outbreak?

If you travel to a country or area that has a travel ban by a national government or the World Health Organisation, then you will not be covered for any medical expenses or other claims, whilst you are in that destination. Cover is not provided by insurers in these situations, as travellers are knowingly exposing themselves to danger. For further updates please read the Fit 2 Trip FAQ’s, which will be updated during the coronavirus/Covid-19 outbreak.

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