17. What to do if you lose your luggage?

Delay, loss or theft of luggage are the most common causes of travel insurance claim. Here we share some tips on what you should, or should not do, if this happens to you.

  1. If your airline looses or damages your luggage, request a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) this confirms that the incident occurred when your luggage was the responsibility of the airline and validates your claim.
  2. If your luggage is delayed for more than 12 hours, some airlines will cover basic personal costs. Check your insurance policy to see if it covers you too. Fit 2 Trip covers up to a maximum of €120 for extra expenses (such as toiletries and clothing) due delayed baggage. Do not forget to save your receipts in order to make a claim.
  3. When an airline loses a bag, most of the time, it returns it successfully to its owner. If after 21 days, you still do not have your luggage back it is then considered lost. In that case you should contact the airline to get compensation. If you have insurance, read your policy carefully because some insurance will only pay compensation for lost baggage if you have not received compensation from the airline.
  4. If your luggage suffers any damage while it is the responsibility of the airline, you must report it to the airline as soon as possible.

If you have lost your luggage or is stolen, you must:

  1. Report it to the police as soon as possible and communicate with your insurance company. At Fit 2 Trip we can provide cover up to €3,000, depending on the type of policy you choose.
  2. Remember if you lose important travel documents like passport or money, the first thing you should do is to report at the police in order to make a compensation claim to your insurance.

Tips to make your claims valid:

  1. Carefully read the policy you are buying.
  2. Watch your belongings as if they were not insured and do not leave them unattended.
  3. Carry your valuables and important documents with you while you travel.
  4. Report any loss, theft, delay or cancellation to authorities and request a written report, within 24 hours of the incident.

If you purchase an insurance policy with Fit 2 Trip and need to make a claim, please contact with us by calling (+34) 912 903 344 E-mail: claims@fit2trip.es.

All claims must be notified as soon as possible after the event that caused the claim