Travelling with allergies

Allergies can complicate a trip, but should not prevent it. Being aware and taking precautions, will allow you to enjoy the world without worrying about your allergies:

  1. Bring with you all necessary medications
    It is not necessary to emphasize how important your medicine is in controlling allergies. Make sure you carry everything you need to control allergic reactions, as well as to treat them if they occur.
  2. Print an allergy card in the local language
    If you are traveling to a place where you don’t speak the language, print a card with translated phrases and questions that serve to inform people about your allergies. This could save your life.
  3. Learn about the options you have at your destination
    Take into account the limitations of your allergies when thinking about your destination. Find out the options the place offers. Are there restaurants that do not use the ingredient to which you are allergic? Are there any hotels that guarantee your health? All this is important to know before you set off.
  4. Talk to your airline before travelling
    If traveling by air, don’t forget to inform your airline about your allergy, and ask them to properly accommodate you. Most airlines take into account dietary restrictions and offer alternatives to their passengers.

To travel without worries, get a travel insurance in which you can count. Fit2Trip provides coverage to several people with preexisting medical conditions, offering protection in case of medical emergencies.