Travel anxiety due to COVID-19?

People are beginning to travel  again in many countries, but not everyone is willing to book a flight and ready to go. 

In fact, according to several American mental health specialists, interviewed by the "Washington Post", the pandemic has exacerbated the condition Sigmund Freud described as "reiseangst", that is the "fear of traveling”.

It is not linked to the fear of contracting the virus as we might suppose: it is related to the idea of returning to move freely, even after vaccination.

A concern identified as "re-entry syndrome" which, according to a study by the American Psychological Association, is affecting half of all adults. 

To cope with the traveling fear, US psychologists suggest some useful techniques.

One of the most effective approaches against anxiety, stress, phobias and panic crises is exposure therapy, that is the repeated confrontation with stimuli causing fear. The methods are quite different: in this specific scenario, the solution for therapists could be to use flight simulations in virtual reality or give priority to real life experiences.

Another method is to get used to moving gradually, practicing in your area and doing some activities that are usually done while traveling. An example? Going to a restaurant we already know if eating out is stressful. In fact, it has been shown that you can resume traveling with more confidence if you first move into a familiar environment.

If the anxiety is related to flying, experts recommend booking shorter and direct flights. Another useful tip is to keep 'catastrophic' thoughts at bay and focus on the present. Those who are afraid of staying in too crowded places, even after the vaccine, could opt for solutions that offer larger spaces.

In some cases, it would be good to avoid preparing "too much" for the trip, in order not to incur the so-called "anticipatory anxiety". However, the general advice is not to indulge the fear and to practice doing the opposite of what it tells us.

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