Tips to do a Safari

Making a safari is a unique and unforgettable experience, it is an activity that you have to follow a series of guidelines and safety rules to avoid problems since you will be very close to wild animals. A safari is a trip where you can learn about the local fauna where the aim is to witness it in its true wild state.

Africa is an excellent place to go on a safari, since you will have the experience of finding yourself face to face with wild animals in their natural habitat.

We give you some tips and explanation that can be very useful for a safari!

1. Choose the place and the time

Any time of the year can be good for a safari, but there are months that are recommended more than others: for example between the months of June and August the animals migrate, the bad thing about these months is that it is high season so the prices They are higher and the availability is very low.

The best countries to go on a safari are Kenya and Tanzania, they are located in East Africa. The type of landscape is ideal to see animals more easily, given the scarce vegetation. However, it is not just these two countries that you can go on a safari, but also South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia or Mozambique.

2. The best hours to see the animals during the safari

Most of the African fauna usually hunt at night, as during the day it is quite hot. Therefore, the best times to see animals while on safari is in the early morning or in the afternoon at sunset. Therefore, early morning would be a good option to enjoy the wonders of the wild world. The rest of the day you can take advantage to rest, or do some other activity.

3. Be patient

When it comes to safari, silence plays an important role as well as respect for animals. Here there are no agendas or anything like that, the animals will leave if and when they want , you may have to spend several minutes without omitting a word to hear the barking of an elephant or the song of a bird. It is important to arm yourself with patience, whether you can see, or not see the animals does not depend on the tour guide. Do not despair, everything will come when you least expect it.

4. No strange noises

Nowadays, animals are accustomed to human presence in these regions, however, it does not mean that we can disturb them. Therefore do not cause a noise that can disturb or change the activity of animals, it is not advisable to offer food so that they can get closer, so you can take pictures. They are wild animals and you do not know how they might react!

5. Bring a good camera and appropriate clothes

Going on a safari is an experience that will be recorded in your memory forever, but we also want to have that experience in another format such as photos. For these trips it is advisable that you buy a good camera with a zoom that allows you to get as close as possible to the animals. Using the mobile camera, it may be useful but it will not give you the expected result.

Finally, do not forget to bring suitable, comfortable clothes, where you can remove the layers of clothing as you need to and that can protect you from the sun and insects.