Tips for low cost travelling

We believe that travelling is one of the most enriching experiences of life, here are our top tips for travelling on a budget:

Book in advance: Flights, hotel and or hostel accommodation will be significantly cheaper the more in advance of your trip you book. For the biggest reductions, book at least a month before travelling.

Choose accommodation close to where you want to be: I may sound obvious, but think about the activities you intend to do and work out if the costs in transportation and time, justify the location of your hotel or hostel.It maybe more cost effective to stay in a more central location than stay in a cheaper hotel on the outskirts and travel in daily.

Avoid extra luggage: Try not to travel with too much luggage, this way you will avoid extra costs airlines charge to check baggage.

Compare: Use the internet to compare prices of flights, hotels and cars hire, to get reduce costs and get a trip best suits your needs.

Camping: Try camping as an alternative to save on hotel accommodation. Find out if there are places to camp in the place you are travelling.

Student discount: IF you are studying, wherever you go, whether museums, restaurants or guided tours, ask for student discount… Do not forget to take your student card!

Walking: Not only benefits your health, but also your pocket. When it comes to going from one place to another, consider if it’s within a walking distance and enjoy the journey and the landscape.

Do not exchange money at the airport because it is usually more expensive. Wait until you get to the city or compare online first. Pre-booking currency can also reduce costs

Free walking tours: These are group tours where a guide explains the main attractions of each city. At the end of the tour, each person gives a tip to the guide.

Health and mishaps: Emergencies can happen without warning, so make sure you purchase a travel insurance that covers health emergencies and other travel incidents. This will ensure you save a lot of money if some unfortunate event happens to you.

Fit 2 Trip aim is to offer travel insurance for everyone regardless of medical circumstances. Policies offered by Fit 2 Trip include single trip and annual multi-trip travel insurance, cancellation, medical only and multi-risk policies for families, couples, individual travellers and people with pre-existing medical conditions. Fit 2 Trip’s travel insurance policies cover medical expenses, lost or stolen luggage repatriation and the cost associated with a possible premature return or cancelling of your trip.