Online platforms to save money in your accommodation

Traveling cheap is still possible nowadays! All you need is to have an adventurous spirit and know the different options available. There are many platforms on the internet which connect travellers and hosts, who are willing to exchange resources and experiences. At Fit 2 Trip we want to share with you some of these wonderful sites.

Totally free accommodation for all types of travelers:

  • Couchsurfing (One of the most used global platforms. Hosts from around the world open their doors to travelers to exchange cultural experiences).
  • BeWelcome (not-for-profit, open source, exclusively run by members in a transparent and democratic way).
  • Friendship Force International (nonprofit organization and hospitality service with the mission of improving intercultural relations, cultural diplomacy, friendship, and intercultural competence via homestays)
  • Servas International (international, non-profit, non-governmental federation of national Servas groups. Their aim is to help build world peace, goodwill, and understanding by providing opportunities for personal contacts among people of different cultures, backgrounds, and nationalities).

Free accommodation if you meet one requirement:

Free accommodation in exchange of the care of the house (and pets):

Accommodation (and food) in exchange for work:

  • Helpx (Travelers usually work 4 hours a day in farms, hostels, hostels and even sailing boats for short periods of time in exchange for accommodation and food)
  • Workaway (Volunteering and working with families and small organizations)
  • Wwoof (Unites volunteers with organic farmers and producers to promote cultural and educational experiences based on trust and non-monetary exchange)
  • Worldpackers (Exchange your skills for accommodation and food in Hostels, Families, NGOs and Ecological Projects).

House exchange:

Cheap accommodation:

Fit 2 Trip offers travel insurance for families, couples, individual travellers and people with pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, cancer, heart disease and others. You can choose between single health insurance policies or multi-risk policies, in addition to the basic, standard or premium coverage level. You can also choose between single or multi-trip travel insurance, and add summer activities.