Amazing destinations to celebrate New Year Eve differently

The most anticipated night of the year is coming, New Year’s Eve! Each family spends this magnificent night in a different way: dinner at home, go out to dinner at someone’s house, go out to dinner and then enjoy a party; hotels, clubs and restaurants are decorated with decorations, where crowds of people goes to takes the 12 lucky grapes at the sound of the “Puerta del Sol” bells. These are some of the usual plans for New Year’s Eve. However, WHY NOT TO SPEND A DIFFERENT NEW YEARS EVE? Had you thought about it? How exciting it can be to spend New Year’s Eve in a big city, on the beach or skiing in the Pyrenees.

New Year’s Eve in the city:

1. New Year’s Eve in New York

We all know that New Year’s Eve in New York is undoubtedly one of the best known on the planet. Every year since 1904, more than one million people gather in the popular Times Square to attend a ceremony broadcast worldwide. Attendees celebrate the descent for 60 seconds of the famous Ball Drop, and welcome the New Year under confetti, and live music concerts. If crowds are not your thing, you can also spend New Year’s Eve at the Empire State building viewpoint or watch the fireworks from Central Park or Brooklyn Bridge. Whatever your choice, if you celebrate New Year’s Eve in New York, it will be unforgettable!

2. New Year’s Eve in Tokyo

The Christmas lights in Tokyo usually turn off on December 26th, after Christmas the New Year period begins, which is the most important holiday of the Japanese calendar! The previous days before New Year’s Eve are celebrated as “parties to forget the year”. The night of December 31st ends with the sound of 108 chimes of all the temples from Japan, some of them you cannot miss are: the Zojoji Temple, the Sensoji Temple and the Azabusan Zenpukuji Temple. If you are a fan of street parties: every year at the Tokyo Tower Countdown many people gather and celebrate the start of the new year on the street, throwing balloons in the air and celebrating in the community. At midnight, the lights of the Tokyo tower change to mark the start of the New Year. If you go with children, you cannot miss the Oji foxes parade; kids love it!

Among large capitals, London is also a ‘must see’. It has an impressive fireworks show in front of the London Eye. An original way to book them is to book a cruise on the River Thames. You cannot miss this colourful reflection in the illuminated city water.

New Year’s Eve in the snow:

For lovers of winter sports, nothing is better than enjoying the intense days in the mountains. Escape to a beautiful ski resort to spend these holidays. What better place to release our hats, scarves and gloves! In addition, a fairytale landscape awaits you; spend the end of the year between skis and with warm drinks in front of the fireplace.

Whether you are an experienced skier, or if you are a beginner, everyone has his or her place at the summit. You will have fun learning and enjoy the beauty if you are already an expert.

The most popular stations are in Andorra, the Aragon’s Pyrenees, the Catalan Pyrenees, the Sierra Nevada, the French Pyrenees and the French Alps.

Who knows if even we will be under snowflakes at the start of the New Year! Everything is possible!

Tropical New Year’s Eve

How would you like to enjoy the end of the year at the beach and in “shirt sleeves”? You will find an amazing Christmas being able to go dressed in short sleeves. In addition, its traditional “Reveillon” has an attendance of 2.7 million, the party, which welcomes in the New Year celebrated on Copacabana, the iconic beach of the most emblematic city of Brazil. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the trip to do some of those things that you still have pending, such as trying your luck with a surfboard.

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