6 of the most incredible Natural Swimming Pools in the world

1. Devil’s Pool, Zambia

The name says it all. This small natural pool is located right on the edge of Victoria Falls, 180 metres high and is one of the most chilling in the world. It can only be visited in the months between September and December, in the dry season, and it is necessary to book in advance.

2. Cenote Ik Kil, Yucatan, Mexico

This beautiful natural pool whose name is translated as “Sacred Blue” is located in the Yucatan peninsula, in the Riviera Maya. This natural hole, perfectly round, has a diameter of 60 meters and a depth of 40 meters. When you bathe you can see and listen to various wild birds such as toucans and parrots.

3. Cataratas Erawan Parque Nacional Erawan, Tailandia

This set of seven waterfalls is located in the Kanchanaburi region, west of Bangkok, specifically in the Erawan National Park, which covers an area of 550km². The price is about 200 Baht adult (€ 5 approx) and the most recommended to avoid other tourists is to go very early directly to the seventh level and then go down easily as most people bathe in ascending order.

4. Parc National de Isalo Isalo, Madagascar

In the National Park of Isalo are hidden some impressive natural pools. To get to them you must trek about 6 hours, but the scenery is spectacular and it is worth it. In addition to bathing you can visit other points of interest such as the “Cascade des Nymphes”. You should know that the best time to visit Isalo is between April and October, during the dry season.

5. La Laguna Azul, Islandia

The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa located in the youngest lava field in western Iceland, 45 minutes by road from Reykjavik. Blaá Lónid, as it is called in Icelandic, was discovered by chance at the end of the 1970’s, recognized worldwide for the medicinal properties of its waters, especially for the treatment of psoriasis. This spa opens to the public during the winter season (September-May) and the average adult entrance is 23 euros. Some of the pools reach 42 degrees!

6. Pamukkale, Turquia

Pamukkale, literally “Cotton Castle” in Turkish is a natural area of limestone and travertine where numerous hot springs can be found, provoked thousands of years ago by a strong earthquake in the Menderes River, in southwestern Turkey, in the province of Denizl. The water is always around 35 ℃ and the climate in this area is temperate all year round so you can travel almost any time. For € 8 more or less you can also enjoy the amazing sunset which is another of the things that are worth visiting this place.