10 fun things to do this Summer

The three months of summer seem to fly past. However planning activities, either alone or with family and friends, gives you the opportunity to create many memories of a great summer and maybe the feeling that time does not go away so quickly.

Here are Fit 2 Trip’s top 10 things to do during this summer:

Sunbathing: We know the importance and benefits of vitamin D, but remember that ultraviolet rays can be dangerous to health, so make sure that you use sunscreen with a high protection factor  when sunbathing.

Cultivate a plant or garden: Whether it’s a cactus or an entire garden, growing plants brings a positive energy to a home, and if it’s an orchard  or vegetable patch, you’ll save yourself some money on the groceries shop!

Organize a barbecue or party with friends: Meet with friends or family is always a good idea. But what about taking advantage of the summer weather to organise a barbecue or summer soiree?

Picnic in a park: How nice it is to enjoy the summer with outdoor activities! The important thing with a picnic, is to bring simple and tasty things, so it is ideal to bring food that can be eaten by hand. Do not forget the drinks to stay hydrated!

Cycling: Whether it is to travel between different places or going for a ride in the city, cycling is the opportunity to get some exercise and at the same time to take advantage of the summer weather.

Go camping: For nature lovers or people who want to get out of the city, camping can be a cheap and fun thing to do. Don’t forget to bring the first aid kit and sleeping bags!

Activities for indoors (and sometimes outdoors) It is always a good time to go to the movies or to the theatre. Take advantage of the summer season to go to see a seasonal movies, to the theatre, concert or festival. Remember that these activities can also be found outdoor too.

Read a book: Take advantage of the natural light of long days to finish those books you’ve started ages ago, or read the latest bestsellers.

Learn something new: To play a musical instrument, a new sport that you have not practiced before, a new language … The options you have to learn something new are limitless.

Take a trip: either to another city or country. Travel, even to a nearby place, and enjoy the pleasure of doing something different. Do not forget to buy travel medical insurance that covers the emergencies that may occur during your trip.

Fit 2 Trip offers individual, multiple and annual travel coverages, with policies ranging from medical service only, cancellation, multi-risk policy. Policies are available to families, and individuals. Fit 2 Trip also offers travel insurance for those with pre-existing medical conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer.